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  • Suggestions for future improvements or developments
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Olivia T
Olivia T
1 year ago

I visited Tugwi Mukosi Dam a couple of weeks ago and had the pleasure of having Mr Matutu as our tour guide. He was so knowledgeable about the dam, having worked on its construction from day one in 1998. It was fascinating to learn that the dam was constructed with modern technology, making it a smart dam that can read the weather, measure rainfall levels, and even has Wi-Fi! I was truly amazed by how self-sufficient the dam is and how it can survive for 15 years without rain. Mr Matutu is a treasure trove of information, and I wholeheartedly agree that he should write a book about the dam’s construction.

Trekker Tom
Trekker Tom
1 year ago

Visited the Tugwi Mukosi Dam yesterday and what an experience it was! Mr Matutu, our guide, shared some incredible insights. He’s been involved in the project since its inception in 1998. The dam is designed to be smart – it self-monitors weather conditions and even has a self-offloading mechanism for when it reaches full capacity. The dam has been built to last, capable of supplying water for irrigation for up to 15 years even if there were no rain. Its sheer size is impressive – the dam wall standing at 90m high and 310m long, the bottom stretching to 350m in width. It was truly fascinating to learn about!

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