Empowerment through Fishing: Masvingo Women and Youths Receive Permits for Commercial Ventures

In a significant move towards community empowerment, women and youths in Masvingo have been granted fishing permits, enabling them to engage in commercial fishing activities at Tugwi Mukosi Dam. This initiative marks a pivotal step in leveraging local resources for the economic benefit of the community.

The permits were distributed during a fish farming field day at Madzingira homestead in Chivi, where beneficiaries expressed their gratitude. “We are deeply thankful to the government for these licences. It’s a testament to the devolution of power and allows us to truly benefit from our local resources,” shared a beneficiary. Another added, “Fishing has transformed lives in this area, and now we are empowered to support our families through this opportunity.”

The Zimbabwean government reaffirmed its commitment to supporting fish farming projects, aligning with the Second Republic’s goal of inclusive development. Deputy Minister of Environment, Climate and Wildlife, Honourable John Paradza, emphasized, “Our mandate from President Emerson Mnangagwa is clear – empower communities by enabling them to benefit from natural resources. We are providing licenses to youths in Chivi for commercial fishing and will assist in market identification.”

Honourable Ezra Chadzamira, Masvingo Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution highlighted the role of fish farming in the agriculture 8.0 model, stressing the inclusion of fish ponds in every village with a community garden.

The success story of the Madzingira family’s fish farming project was spotlighted. Mrs. Sarudzai Madzingira reported, “Since starting last year, our four fish ponds now contain over 10,000 fish. We’ve received technical support from the government and are eager to collaborate with other villagers.”

This initiative is part of a broader government effort to empower women, contributing to the national vision of achieving an upper-middle-income society by 2030. Through these fishing permits, Masvingo’s women and youths are not only beneficiaries but are becoming key players in the region’s commercial fishing industry.

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